Having written anywhere and everywhere that will have me, I eventually created a space where I could collate all of my writing regarding film. My name is Scott Wilson, and I am a Glasgow-based freelance journalist who found a passion for and solace in writing seven years ago. I studied journalism for two years at college, after which I progressed to the University of Glasgow where I graduated with an MA in English Language.

I have been the editor in chief for an award-winning student publication, written for STV, CommonSpace, Rave Child, Kettle Magazine, published vlogs, and have maintained several blogs over the years. My writing has never been limited to anything in particular, but alongside film I am passionate about discussing gender and class.

I currently have a regular writing gig at CommonSpace where I am their film critic. My #FilmSpace articles are published at the start of each week reviewing three new releases. I have written features about the film scene in Scotland, covered film festivals, and interviewed those in the industry.