Pan’s Labyrinth of coping mechanisms

Mental Health Awareness Week (#MHAW17) brings with it anecdotes, admissions, well-wishes, and life-saving information. A communal spirit and heightened awareness does, for at least a week, attempt to make those with mental health issues feel less alone, and more equipped for the future. Sharing the in’s and out’s of your head isn’t for everyone – regardless of the state of your mental health – though that doesn’t mean there aren’t stories to be told.

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The Oscars could learn from the Grammy Awards

The Grammys, the crowning jewel of the music industry’s calendar year, happen a fortnight before the film industry equivalent, the Oscars. The musical awards pit peers against each other like every other awards ceremony, but do so in a way that makes more sense than most. It means excellence is rewarded across the medium, rather than have everyone fight for the same title.

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That’s the bottom line cuz Jackie Kennedy says so

There are films out there dealing with the world of professional wrestling, plenty of them decent enough, from the intensely melancholic The Wrestler to the inspirational documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. They capture the devotion performers have to that artful and artificial way of life, and how the highs keep people in the lows. No film is able to portray the appeal of immersing yourself in the world of professional wrestling as a fan the way Pablo Larraín’s Jackie does.

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We bring the culture of sequels on ourselves

Sequels and adaptions have always existed. It is no new phenomenon for a successful film to be followed by something trying to match or exceed the box office gross of the original. Sometimes they even manage to improve on what came before. It is no easy task choosing a favourite Toy Story film; Lord of the Rings is forgiven for its ridiculous runtime thanks to its consistent quality; Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy is a genuine masterpiece with each film’s life-force stemming from previous encounters.

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My 2016 top 10 (and honourable mentions)

Having slaved over my top 10 films of 2016 for the last fortnight, it’s easy to feel that I will never be satisfied with my choices. Here are the essential top 10, followed by some that are equally as important but just didn’t fit into a top 10.

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